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Legal Services


BonaFide Legal Services Ltd
Business Lodge
Europa House
Barcroft Street
Bury, BL9 5BT

T: 0161 763 1631
M: +447944 660 453


We at BonaFide Legal Services want to do much more than placing the perfect candidates in the perfect roles. We also want to give the right advice for our candidates to fulfil their own potential.

As Legal Services, we give out professional and informed advice.

We are very different in the sense that we always provide constructive feedback to our candidates.

Just because a candidate doesn’t get a role it does not mean that they are a bad candidate!

BonaFide Legal Services

Our candidates are articulate, energetic and enthusiastic about the law. We want to use these traits in a positive manner.

We at BonaFide Legal Services believe that we should be motivating and encouraging our candidates in a positive way.

We appreciate how difficult the job-hunt can be. Therefore we thoroughly believe in using positive diction for our candidates to succeed.

We like to emphasise what our candidates do well and what they can work on in order to meet their career goals within the foreseeable future.

Services Include

•   Flexible service to suit candidates in the evenings and weekends.

•   In depth knowledge of the markets, company structures and companies cultural DNA.

•   Constructive and impartial advice on CV’s and interview techniques.

•   Preparing the candidate for the interview, reassuring them in a positive fashion.

•   Negotiation of legal contracts.

•   Salary advice.

•   Bar exam advice.


Legal Services

At BonaFide Legal Services, we give 100% attention to every one of our candidates to ensure they get every opporunity to further their career.

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